A picture of Mark Chambers, a white guy with a full beard wearing a white button-up shirt and a loosened collar and necktie.

Hey, thanks for dropping by. I'm Mark Chambers, the face behind FATMARKER, my graphic and web design monicker. I have over 10 years of solid experience helping a ton of people across a variety of media.

It all started in our basement, on our first family computer. It was an IBM Aptiva C33, rocking a Pentium 133, 128MB of RAM and an ATI Rage 3D card with 2MB video memory. Hey, it was the mid-90's! Windows 95, anyone? Anyway, after I had gotten my first video game titles under my belt (Myst, Tomb Raider, MechWarrior II), I started dabbling with Microsoft Paint. I recall painstakingly illustrating pixel by pixel the front of a diesel locomotive. It wasn't until my big sister installed something called Adobe Photoshop that my interest in the digital arts was established. I started with photo manipulation, experimenting with adjustments, layers and filters.

This new hobby continued on the first floor. In my sister's bedroom sat a brand new beautiful blue and white Apple Power Macintosh G3. After adding a few more video games to my repertoire (Avernum, Cythera, Riven) I decided to put my graphics skills to practical use. I began building my own Smashing Pumpkins fan website from the ground up with the original Macromedia Dreamweaver. DW never did what you wanted it to, so I learned HTML by studying the code it generated. It was this foundation which would later help me find my way into the professional world.

I put my creativity on hold for a couple years. After working in the service sector, doing a bit of travelling and binging on games (StarCraft, Morrowind, Lineage II), it was time to think about my future. I decided to go to college and study graphic and web design — the obvious choice. I enrolled in every art and design class I could, also breaking into photography for the first time.

I bought my first Apple computer for my studies: a brand new Mac Book Pro. It was the first of the Intel line, a vintage machine. That baby was my daily driver for over 10 years. Lots of work done on it, new skills acquired and of course gaming (Age of Empires, Civilization, Railroad Tycoon). Now I'm doing things I never imagined: bringing my designs to life with content management systems. People talk about WordPress, but Drupal is where it's at. I can spend hours on end turning my ideas into realities — it's better than gaming!

I consider myself fortunate: I have work that I love. It's been a good run so far and I'm looking forward to the next big challenge — me and my new iMac 5k. If only I still had time for games. 🤓

Mark Chambers